empowering you to influence on live music offerings


Gigwish is all about empowering music fans around the world. We offer a new kind of service allowing you and your friends to influence on local live music events. With our service, you choose the locality where you would like to see your favorite artists and bands perform. Given wishes provide valuable information to our event organizer partner network and support the planning of their upcoming events.

The service is free to use and available globally. All you need to do is sign up for an account or start using Gigwish with your Facebook account. If you are visiting for the first time, feel free to read more about Gigwish and familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


1. Submit, manage and share your concert wishes

2. See how many people share your wish by visiting location-specific wish pages

3. Check what your friends have wished to see by visiting their profile pages

4. Convenient networking with friends

5. See what's new with Gigwish community

6. Accurate statistics about the demand for live music events worldwide

7. Detailed statistics for artists and bands to see where their fans would like to see them perform

8. Promotional widgets

GIGWISH enables you and your friends to influence on your local live music scene. With your free account, you can manage all your wishes and share them with your friends on various social networks.
GIGWISH helps musicians and bands to gain more exposure by publishing weekly charts. Artists get more involved with their fans, and may apply for a partnership to know better where their fans want them to perform. Read more about Gigwish partnership here.
For event organizers and other interested parties, GIGWISH provides valuable, reliable and location-specific real-time data about the demand of live music worldwide. If you wish to establish a partnership with us, read more about Gigwish partnership here and contact us.